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2018 PGCET - Student Feedback

I had lost hope on clearing my pgcet as I started my work life immediately after engineering for one and half years. I found about punarvasu tutorials on the internet and contacted. As I attended classes for pgcet I understood each and every subject with in-depth knowledge from him. I took hardly 2 months to balance both my work life and pgcet exam. I got the best result that I never dreamt of . I am into a reputed institution(R V college) that I couldn't go for during my under graduation days. I will forever be grateful to srikanta sir for his morals , ethics and in-depth knowledge on subjects. I have learnt a lot of moral values apart from subjects in a very short span that I spent as his student. Everyone needs a guru like srikanta sir to be a successful student.

Lakshitha karthik (now joined in RVCE, Bangalore)

Being a VTU student, our studies or knowledge was only limited to examination point of view. With no actual understanding of the concepts it was hard to develop the confidence to attend competitive exams. But with the help and guidance of srikanta sir, now I have a better understanding of the concepts and also the confidence to face competitive exams. Thanks to sir for his simple and unique way of teaching and imparting such good knowledge to us.

Pushkarini (now joined in JCE, Mysore)

I walked into the classroom with a lot of apprehension in my head. When Sir initially said, we can secure up to a single digit rank in PGCET 2018, I almost laughed. But class after class, I knew something changed, whether it was my approach towards the exam, or Sir's way of teaching, I'm unsure. Although, one thing definitely was sure, I had gained enough confidence to at least approach a problem. We covered the entire 3 years of technical studying as engineers within 14 days. What a journey it was! Not only did I get the college I aspired for, I got a new, holistic approach towards issues.(Technical or Otherwise too!)But more than it all put together, "I got a mentor for life".I'm forever grateful to have found "Punarvasu Tutorials" and to have crossed path with the most amazing, "Srikanta Sir"!

Sucheta Rao (now joined in MSRIT,Bangalore)

Punarvasu tutorials is the best tutorial for pgcet coaching. I had joined just 1 month before exam for this tutorial and now I got admission to one of top college. It was all possible because of Srikantha Sir and his guidelines. I have just followed his teaching and his materials and was able to get good score in pgcet exam. If anyone really wants to get in some top college for M.Tech without a second thought just join this Institute. Thank you so much sir for guiding us.

Nischitha (now joined in RVCE, Bangalore)

You have been excellent guide, mentor and teacher. Thanks you for the excellent coaching with friendly approach. I had completed my engineering 12 years back and had forgotten all my subjects. I was very low on confidence when I joined the coaching. Your way of teaching, methods to solve problems and approach for the exam indeed helped to boost my confidence. Never got bored in those lengthy classes on weekends and there was always a fun and energy in the class. It was all because of you sir, I made it to the M.Tech and college I wanted to study. I feel proud that you are my teacher and joined your institute. Attending your classes was always like taking a deep dive into an ocean full of knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Sir for your guidance, support, mentoring and concerns for students. Wish you all the best!

Points I would like to share about the institute,

  • Awesome teaching and the breadth of knowledge Sir has on all subjects.
  • His confidence to make every student successful and achieve the best of the ranking in the entrance
  • Awesome materials and problem solving techniques
  • Sir's availability to students whenever they need on WhatsApp, Phone and e-mail.
  • Sir's availability to students whenever they need on WhatsApp, Phone and e-mail.
  • Mentoring post examination until joining college.

Tejashwini (now joined in MSRIT, Bangalore)

2016 PGCET - Student Feedback

Coaching Classes helped me know "What to study and what not" hence I gained quality information. The testes conducted instilled more confidence. The Material prepared is very useful for all related competitive exams. Problem Solving ability and Approach both have changed for me after joining the classes.

Jhanavi Jyothish 1st Rank in PGCET-2016 (now joined in BMSCE)

Extremely committed to your success. Highly passionate. Trust worthy and reliable. Open and Transparent with Ethics. Ego-less. Single person able to coach 10/12 subjects indicates the breadth and depth of knowledge. Lifts the confidence and boosts morale. Simple and easy way to make students understand concepts. One of The best faculty that I have ever come across. On this special day of "Guru Poornima", I would like to convey my deep regards to our beloved Sir. "Thank You Sir for making me live the dreams of my parents and wife".

Kamalalochana (4th Rank in PGCET-2016)

Coaching classes helps you to analyze yourself and gives you the idea about your status in the competition plus their course material helps in staying focused to the subject and helps in ruling out the unnecessary topics (reduces extra burden).

Lavanya 20th Rank in PGCET-2016 (now joined in UVCE)

Sir you have been great teacher. Excellent teaching with friendly approach. All your motivational words and methods to solve the problem did come handy in the exam. I still remember you saying there is no point coming to coaching class and not getting within 100th rank in CS!! Even though I am in margin (26th rank CS) I did try my level best.

VIKRAM 26th Rank in PGCET-2016 (now joined in UVCE)

2015 PGCET - Student Feedback

I have never seen any lecturer in my life who is so very concerned about his students. And it is because of him and the confidence he boosted in me that has helped me to get 1st rank. The way he simplifies things and explains it is very nice.

Pavithra 1st Rank in PGCET-2015 (now joined in BMSCE)

Our teacher guided us very well in both academics and in completing the specified formalities of the whole examination process and counseling process. He also inspired us to aim higher and perform better. The test series helped analyze our abilities and also helped us improve. Our teacher taught us the concepts clearly and I’m sure that it will help us in our higher studies too. Thanks to Srikantarao sir for standing by us and being the guiding force.

Dhruti 2nd Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in RVCE)

I have joined 'Punarvasu tutorials' conducted by Srikantarao. Coaching classes helps us to analyze ourself and gives the idea about our status in the competition. The saying said by our sir inspired me a lot "Sacrifice everything for one thing, later that one thing will give you everything". Sir used to give individual focus towards students and he worked hard to train us in the path of success. So I am so grateful to our coach.

Vinutha 3rd Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in MSRIT)

Our faculty was Srikantarao sir, who was of a great support right from beginning to end of classes and I surely know it continues.. Teaching as well as individual motivation will also be necessary and we all got it from him. Hard work is essential both from the faculty and student which worked out here for success. Also the excellent skill of explaining concepts helped to crack it easily. Also I am glad to tell that first four ranks this year (2015) in CS steam is from punarvasu tutorials.

Divya 4th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in PESIT)

srikanta sir is one of the best mentor and teacher. His ability to teach in lay man language has made his students successful. Very simple and down-to-earth person. I would like to say many thanks to sir for making us successfully.

Radhika 8th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in SDM Dharwad)

I joined punarvasu coaching class conducted by Srinkanta sir as I had 8 years of gap from study to brush up engineering basics. And that was one of my best decision. Srikanta sir’s in depth knowledge of all the subject helped me to overcome the lack of confidence as I forgot all basics of engineering Subjects. And he makes sure that everyone in class understands the concepts.

Rashmi 9th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in CMRIT)

One of the best guide I have seen so far is you sir. I hope u will guide my in the same way as you guided for PGCET forever. I am very thankful to you sir!!

Chaitra 13th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in RVCE)

I am really very thankful to Srikanta Sir. I got in depth knowledge about the subjects which helped me to think logically and analytically to solve problems which is required to clear PGCET.

Kavya 18th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in BMSIT)

He is very helping and helps you with every doubt you have and has a homely kind atmosphere.

Meghana 19th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in PESIT)

In punarvasu tutorial Faculty is more friendly with Students and they Guide Students to Get good Knowledge grip about the Subjects. They covered all subjects in a least period and concentrated on important concepts which helps us in future benefit. If students had a doubt if it is Minor or major they put 100% Effort to solve the Problems.

Usha 20th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in PESIT )

Sir has taken very much care about each and every student of the class and The way he explained the concept is very good it helps me a lot in understanding the concept clearly, and solving problems .so that I got good marks in PGCET, thank you so much sir.

Jayanth kumar 23rd Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in RVCE)

Srikanta sir is really worth for the word “TEACHER”. Classes are not just a big lecture it’s a kind of fun and learn way of teaching. Any person with zero knowledge under his training can become hero in the subjects .I just had no hopes on myself in the initial state, I just trusted him with each of his words which has now got me to this small success of 36th rank. The joy of learning, satisfaction cannot described though words unless until the lucky ones experience the journey with sir.

Megha 36th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in RVCE)

One of the best mentor and teacher, He made me to aim higher. Simple way of teaching and individual attention. (This is what the student wants).

Gururaj 44th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in RVCE )

You can’t get any better Institute like Punarvasu and best Faculty like Srikantarao Sir .So only I came from Hubli to Bangalore.

He stands best for following:

  • Non- commercial (Business) minded and excellent teaching
  • Avoids unwanted Teaching and he know well how to make student ready for PGCET in short time
  • His Personal Care to all students until they take admission to good college is tremendous.
  • His dedication to providing the best materials to his students is remarkable.
  • Last but least he is good Teacher, mentor and friend.
Abhay joshi 45th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in RVCE )

Srikantarao sir taught us concepts in a very easy way. He is dedicated towards teaching and completes the portions as per the schedule. All my credit goes to Sir.

Abhilasha 71th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in SJCE Mysore )

Sir you have been great teacher. Excellent teaching with friendly approach. All your motivational words and methods to solve the problem did come handy in the exam. Especially the formula book I remembered still you asking me to study extra 4hrs. Something like 8hrs. Thank you for everything. In previous feedback I had written about making you proud .I don’t know whether your happy with my performance. But trust me my parents are proud I did achieve little of what they dreamt about. It was all because of you sir. To be frank I am happy I did make it finally to get within 100th rank in CS branch. I still remember you saying there is no point coming to coaching class and not getting within 100th rank in CS!! Even though I am in margin (90th rank CS) I did try my level best.

Anbarasi 90th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in MSRIT )

Coaching classes helps me to analyze myself and gives the idea about my status in the competition plus their course material helps in staying focused to the subject and helps in ruling out the unnecessary topics.

Ganesh prasad 98th Rank in PGCET-2015(CSE) (now joined in RVCE )

2014 PGCET - Student Feedback

I joined coaching classes (Punarvasu Tutorials) where we get individual attention and completion of vast syllabus in short time with quality information. My Problem solving ability increased to a greater extent after joining course. Not only course has helped me to fetch a good rank in PGCET but knowledge wise also it has gained me a lot.

Chitra 1st Rank in PGCET-2014(CSE)

Right from explaining concepts, problem solving approach, methodologies and shortcuts everything was planned very well and executed by Srikanta Sir. Materials provided at tuition covered almost everything. The book provided was fundamental base for preparation. The highlight of materials provided included GATE questions too which made our life simple to crack PGCET.

Suraj 5th Rank in PGCET-2014(CSE)

I had joined Punarvasu tutorials conducted by Srikanta sir which has helped me a lot. I understood most of the topics which I had not understood in engineering class and helped me to secure such a good rank. The mock tests given by sir were very helpful to us. Faculty dedicated and committed to the job. Completes the portions properly. Makes the concepts clear to everyone in the class.

Sushma, MSRIT

I got confidence write the exam and to clear it after attending the classes... Though I had 5 years of academic break, it never mattered once I joined the coaching classes. All thanks to sir’s coaching. He is one of the best tutor! He knows how to teach each and every subject according to student perspective. Sir's classes didn't only prepare us for exam but also gave us a very good knowledge and grip on the subjects.

Prajna, MSRIT

Knowledge is power and I experienced this through coaching classes. Studying for BE exams is different from preparing for PGCET exams. After the classes I gained that confidence to ask the juniors that “Yes! What doubt you have?”. Don’t negl ect anything instructed. Have confidence and faith in sir as well as in YOU. This quote inspired me even before I joined (came across in his website): “Sacrifice everything for one thing, later that one thing will give you everything”

Anjaneya, SJCE-Mysore

I joined punarvasu tutorials in the month of May 2014, I was a 2013 passed out student and had decided to pursue masters. Srikanta sir teaching was really helpful in this regard and easy to understand, He explains difficult technical concepts in a simple manner, The material was complete and covered all the required concepts. I would recommend Punarvasu to everyone who would want to take up the PGCET for M.Tech.

Anushree, PESIT-CSE

Srikantarao sir handled subjects in very simple way so that any difficult subject can be understood very easily. He made very comfortable time schedules for classes, so If I had joined late also I didn’t faced any problem for finishing syllabus.

Manasa, PESIT

I really needed a mentor to understand the engineering subjects which I had almost forgotten as I am 2010 passed out and my domain made me forget all subjects bit earlier. Coaching classes helps you to analyze yourself and gives you the idea about your status in the competition plus their course material helps in staying focused to the subject and helps in ruling out the unnecessary topics (reduces extra burden). PGCET is not about doing the maximum questions but its all about doing the best set of question and with least margin of error. I believe being regular is the key for success and remember quality is always better than quantity.

Chitravathi, BIT-CSE

After joining Punarvasu, I know where I am and how I need to prepare for PGCET. Srikanta sir prepared me for quick problem solving and analyzing logically in case of confusion. The study material is sufficient and I never needed any text book to understand the concepts. A teacher is one who creates the interest for studies. That is what I experienced with Sir. He is dedicated and has good knowledge of subjects. In one statement I can I learnt 4 years subjects in just two and half a month and in a right way.

Radha, RNSIT

Institute provide us a study materials it helped me a lot. They used to give weekly test which make me to be perfect and to get confident to face exam. Before joining the institute I am not perfect in particular topics, after joining I get a clear and good knowledge about the concepts and it helped me a lot in entrance

Divya K, BIT-CSE

I joined Punarvasu Tutorials conducted by Srikanta Sir. Frankly speaking when after a long 10 years break of studies. But after attending Srikanta Sir’s classes, slowly I felt yes I can. That’s because of his way of teaching which I appreciate the most. In a simple way he used to explain the things so that each one can understand at first stretch itself, Thanks lot Sir. This made a big difference to my motivation, and towards developing positive thoughts. The topics were to the point, Very good source of materials from exam as well as knowledge point of view. I joined the classes, I was in a dilemma whether it is possible by me or not

Bharathi, BIT-CSE

I was well prepared coaching classes and the materials given by the institution, that only the mode of preparation for me. Really the coaching centre helps me a lot for the preparation of PGCET. How to analyze the problems and how to prepare in short period of time. What have to study and what are all the important things and so. It helps me a lot.

Divya D S, BIT-CSE

2013 PGCET - Student Feedback

First of all i would like to thank Mr.Srikantarao sir for his excellent coaching in a short period of time which landed me in one of the top college RVCE.The quality of teaching is been very good and the way he starts from very basic concepts, which is very important to understand the subject. The course material is being provided is very good and also provides forum where you can discuss your doubts any time, lots of e-material is also provided. Finally what I can say is this institute prepares a student not only to clear entrance exam but to success in your future career.

Mushtaq Ahmed (RVCE CNE Branch)

PGCET coaching class facilitated me with good coaching and study material. It had a friendly atmosphere in which I enjoyed learning every subject .Every topic was explained in such a way that, I could understand even the complex topics very easily especially I got interested in computer networks subject, through which I opted networking branch in M.Tech.Joining this coaching classes helped me not only to get a good rank in pgcet,but also provided me a good guidance for my career.

SANGEETHA.K, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

Every class is well planed and organized. Tough problems have been taught in simple way. And a Mock test gives more exposure to subjects and it increases my confidence level. Finally I got M.Tech seat in Dr.AIT Bangalore

Chethana (IBM)

Study materials are sufficient, presentation also good, that helps me to solve problems and gained more confidence.

Anupama (BNMIT)

5) I joined this PGCET coaching center a month before PGCET exam. It had been a long time since I had passed out BE and I was out of touch with the subjects. This coaching class started with basic concepts first and covered the almost syllabus. We also solved many multiple questions including numerical from GATE and PGCET previous papers. At the end of month, I was confident enough to take the exams and secured 560 overall rank. All thanks to this coaching class.

Deepa Puranik (New Horizon CNE)

Communication is good, now I got confidence to solve the previous year papers, simple way to solving the problems, so overall teaching is good.


Excellent teaching with friendly approach, dedicated faculty

Gayatri (Dr.TTIT, K.G.F)

I learnt a lot within a short span of time, and I got good grip on the subjects so it will help in my future job. Finally I got M.Tech seat in Dr.AIT Bangalore

Sowmya (Nokia Siemens)

The method of solving the problems is good and I got a confidence to attend the PGCET. Mock tests are very useful, before coming here I don’t know the syllabus also, but now I can able to crack the PGCET.

Nethra (BNMIT)

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